Friday, July 20, 2012

How to take Glitter Off, The Easy Way

I really love glitter on my fingernails but I was really hesitant to wear pretty glitter polishes, sandwiches, and the works. Why? It is such a pain to take off. Plus, I change my polish almost everyday. (When I don't - I feel like my hands have been wearing the same clothes for 3 days straight).

I even tried the cotton ball pieces drenched in acetone and covered with aluminum foil (called the foil method). I feel like it was too much work. It has to be a better way...

Well, there is!

I haven't seen anyone else use these, but I am so excited. I found these at Wal-mart for less than 2 dollars, but I am sure you can get them at any drugstore. Walmart fingercots (currently unavailable online). You can use them over and over. I can do other things while waiting and even use them on my toes. Let me know if they work for you :) Happy Day!

remove glitter finger cots

remove glitter finger cots

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  1. wooooooooow this looks like condoms for fingers!! LOL LOL I am willing to try it, I did the glue base coat method so it peels off but I found that to have its drawbacks too :(

  2. What a great idea! I will be looking for these the next time I am at Wal-Mart. Thanks for sharing!

    Leslie :)