Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fishtail Braid

Barielle Blossom, Maybelline Colorshow Bold Gold, and China Glaze Snow. 

This was a little confusing for me to do. 

You can't see it, b/c I won't show you :)  but my thumb is jacked up. 

For some reason I couldn't get the pattern down right. 

It was completely confusing and I gave up.

I tried copying my ring nail....It just didn't work.

fishtail nails

fishtail nails

I really like this color combo, it is so summery (made up word). I just wish my thumb nail was like my ring nail. 
Anyhoo, would you do all your nails like this?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Tsahai! Are you going to try it?

    2. I will definitely give it a try..:-)

  2. Yessss, I would definitely do this, it's gorgeous! Could you explain how you did the accent?

    1. I can try, I used three colors, white as my base, then I took the pink and striped in diagonally, then I took the gold and striped diagonally on the other side, and the same for the white except I started underneath the pink stripe. Okay, I am not sure if that made sense, but there is a whole lot of overlapping. Maybe I can do a tutorial....

  3. You're accent nail looks great!

  4. Love the colors, love the pattern. It makes you wonder, "How did she do that?" How did you get the gold to be so strait up against the white? Perfecto.