Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Starting 31 Day of Nails Challenge

I know... another challenge! lol. But this one is simple b/c I will not do it consecutively, there is a band of nail polish addicts that are joining and this challenge is hosted by Kimber at Kimber Lacquer Korner. Click on her blog name and it will take you there if you want to start (leave a comment). 

We will do them every 3 days, which I think is very doable, and it will start next week.

 Will you join too? 

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  1. DOOD, how many challenges are you doing!! LOVES IT!! I want to do the 31 day challenge too - I can't wait for the structure!!!

    1. Can't wait to see your designs. Do you know of anymore challenges? LOL!

    2. No I don't :) I wouldn't tell you anyways, I'm protecting you from having to fit 5 challenges into one mani!!! It's a mini challenge intervention :)

    3. HAHAHA! I am on a mission. I needed a intervention long time ago, to stop buying nail polish, so I think it is too late for me. :)